A Winning Combination

Our Composite door range is made using a combination of several high quality materials. This means that they offer the best features of each element. Each composite door is built using a monocoque structure and is reinforced with 65mm of fibreglass for strength and resistance.

The main benefit of composite doors is that, due to the combination of quality materials, they are highly robust and durable. This means that your new entrance will be secure, thermally efficient, long-lasting and protected from the changeable Inverness weather.

Composite Doors Inverness

Renolit Foil Finish

Each of our composite doors has a Renolit foil finish (rather than being painted). This means that each door has an impeccable appearance as well as being extremely durable. There's no need to worry about carrying out regular maintenance.

Triple Glazing

Our composite doors are double rebated & tripled glazed as standard. As a result, they are extremely thermally efficient, trapping in pockets of warm air. You'll save money on your bills & reduce your carbon footprint.

Product Guarantee

We have full confidence that our composite doors offer lasting quality and resilience. In fact, we even offer an insurance backed, 10-year guarantee on their frames, and a 20-year guarantee on glass! Should anything go at all wrong, we’ll be there to solve the problem.

Composite doors are the perfect option for homeowners in Inverness looking to make a stunning entrance to their property. for a stunning entrance. Our front door collection includes a range of styles, spanning from minimalist, modern options to more traditional models. We also offer designs that can incorporate decorative glazing.

You can personalise our composite doors with a wide range of colours. We can also fit all of the door styles with letterboxes as standard. They can either be installed in the centre or bottom of the door panel, depending on your preference.

Composite Doors Inverness

Fully Customisable Style

Composite doors are the ideal alternative to traditional wooden doors. Our collection can be decorated in a range of woodgrain details. These textured finishes are available in several colours. This means that you can enjoy the look of painted timber, without the hassle.

Despite some of our composite doors looking like their timber counterparts, they won’t offer any high-maintenance headaches. The quality materials used won’t rot, bow or swell like wood. This means you don’t have to worry about varnishing or sanding these doors. They are also more thermally efficient.

Composite Doors Inverness

An Ideal Timber Alternative

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1 - Highly Secure

Our customers' security is one of our top priorities. That is why we have designed our composite doors to offer exceptional protection for your home in Inverness. We offer tripled glazed glass for extra security.Our composite doors can be fitted with the latest PAS 24 accredited locking mechanisms. This helps ensure that your home is protected against 21st-century burglary methods. You can enjoy greater peace of mind.

2 - Thermally Efficient

Our composite doors are double rebated, meaning that there are seals inside and outside of the door. This, combined with triple glazing, means improved insulation. Choosing a thermally efficient door is crucial because it can have a dramatic impact on your comfort, bills and carbon footprint. This is because insulating doors keep more warmth in, which may reduce how often you need to use your central heating system in your Inverness home. Using the system less can mean you enjoy lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

3 - Weatherproof

The monocoque structure and reinforced fibreglass in our composite doors mean that they are exceptionally resistant. They are completed with a Renolit foil finish meaning that your new entrance will be more than a match for any wind, rain or snow in Inverness. This helps prevent draughts or water ingress, which can reduce the comfort and thermal efficiency of your home in Inverness. We also use high quality, durable components, which are made from weather-resistant polymer materials.


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