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Installing a quality replacement roof is the ideal way to improve and transform an underperforming conservatory. When you choose one of our conservatory roofs, you don’t have to settle for a leaky, misted or draughty room.

Our high performance conservatory roofs come from Ultraframe. They are renowned for being some of the best on the current market. They will add fantastic thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and style to any existing conservatory.

Double Glazing Dingwall

Classic Roofs

If you want elegant style and lots of glass, then our classic conservatory roofs are the ideal option. The high performance glass provides thermal efficiency, light and views.

Solid Roofs

Our solid conservatory roofs offer the best of glass and solid styles. They offer the privacy and insulation of a solid option, but you can add full length clear panels to let light in.

Tiled Roofs

We offer stunning tiled conservatory roofs. These are perfect if you want a traditional, authentic look. This is combined with the highest modern levels of performance.

Our replacement roofs are designed to enhance any style, shape or size of conservatory. It is not an issue if you have a traditional Victorian conservatory, custom built P-shape structure or a compact lean-to. We can create a bespoke roof for you.

Due to their lightweight design, our conservatory roofs won’t place excessive pressure on the existing frame. This makes them easier and faster to install. It can also minimise issues with planning permission. This means you can avoid as much hassle as possible.

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Versatile Replacement Roofs

Using cutting edge, NASA satellite technology, our conservatory roofs are designed according to your exact needs. Each replacement roof is precision engineered according to your postcode. This ensures you get the perfect roof for your home.

We calculate the predicted weather conditions in your local area. This ensures that our conservatory roofs will withstand the wind, snow and rain that they are exposed to. Each individual component is created to fit together seamlessly. This ensures the perfect fit.

Precision Engineered

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1 - High Performance Glazing

Our conservatory roofs are available with a wide range of glazing options. This ensures that we can offer something to suit every need. You can opt for an entirely glass roof. This allows you to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light. Alternatively, if you prefer a solid or tiled roof, you can still choose to add full length glazed panels. This means you can still enjoy light and views. Whatever style you choose, all of our conservatory roofs feature high performance glazing. This quality glass helps to prevent heat transfer, keeping warmth inside your home and the cold outside. Similarly, the glazing works to reflect excess UV rays. This works to prevent the room overheating or your furniture being damaged during sunnier months.

2 - Fully Customisable

Our replacement conservatory roofs are available in an impressive array of stunning colours and finishes. We can offer tiles in many shades, including black, red, green, brown and grey. Our solid roofs are a stunning, modern grey. This shade is sure to complement any home’s exterior. The frame of our glass roofs also come in a range of colours, including white and mahogany. As well as choosing the colour of your new roof, you can also opt for decorative extras. We can add a cornice to our conservatory roofs. This feature conceals unsightly guttering and enhances the shape of the roofline. You can also choose the windows and doors we use. So, whether you want classic French doors or chic bifolds, we can satisfy your needs.

3 - Effective Installation

We always use a team of experienced professionals to install our conservatory roofs. This ensures that your home improvements will be carried out quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard. The team will cause minimal disruption in your day to day life, while also ensuring that they achieve a perfect fit and seamless finish. Due to their intelligent design, our replacement roofs are easier to install than alternatives on the market. They are incredibly lightweight, meaning they can sit on top of existing structures without causing strain. The roofs also feature a unique Speedlock system that ensures each component of the frame fits together quickly and easily.

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