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The elegance and versatility of uPVC patio doors have made them incredibly popular. Homeowners up and down the country have opened up their living spaces with these sliding doors. The large glazed area and slim sightlines create an easy connection with nature.

Enhancing your home with uPVC patio doors allows you to enjoy increased natural light and views. This means that they can make any room feel brighter, larger and more spacious. Whether your home is modern or traditional, these doors can transform how it feels.

Patio Doors Inverness

Suitable For Any Space

The sliding operation of uPVC patio doors means they can be installed into any size of home. This is because, unlike hinged doors, they don’t need additional space to swing open.

Easy Upkeep

Due to quality material and premium hardware, our uPVC sliding doors are easy to maintain. The doors will continue looking stunning for many years, with almost no input from you.

Product Guarantee

For your peace of mind, our uPVC patio doors have a 10-year guarantee on their frames and a 20-year guarantee on glass. We work with the Home Improvement Protection Scheme, so our guarantees are insurance backed.

Industry leading fabricators create our uPVC patio doors with care and innovation. They use high performance glass to ensure the best security and thermal efficiency. The glass is designed to reflect warmth, keeping it inside your home.

The glass used in our uPVC patio doors is specially toughened. This makes it up to five times more difficult to break than standard glass. The glazing is also internally beaded, making it almost impossible for burglars to remove from outside of your home.

High Performance Glass

Our uPVC patio doors are designed to keep your home protected from even extreme conditions. This is especially important for homes in the UK, considering our infamous weather. During wind, rain or snow, your space will stay warm and comfortable.

The sliding panes are fitted with wool-pile strips. This feature is specifically designed to prevent draughts from occurring and decreasing your comfort. With our uPVC patio doors, you can choose when you want to welcome nature in.

Patio Doors Inverness

Highly Weatherproof

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1 - Thermal Efficiency

Our uPVC patio doors are incredibly thermally efficient! These sliding doors come with an A rating for energy efficiency as standard. This impressive performance is due to effective, insulating features, such as the multi-chambered frame and warm edge spacer bars. These elements work to keep warmth inside your home, regardless of the weather outside. Choosing thermally efficient uPVC patio doors is important because they can have a significant impact on your bills, as well as your comfort. This is because the doors keep more of the warmth created by your central heating inside your home. As a result, you may need to turn your heating on less frequently, which could lower your energy bills!

2 - Bespoke Door Design

We strive to offer stunning home improvements to suit all tastes and styles. To help us achieve this, our uPVC patio doors are available in a wide range of colours. The options span from bright, eye-catching shades to subtle, classic neutrals. For a more traditional look, we can also finish the frames with textured, woodgrain foils. These create an authentic, timber appearance. Our uPVC patio doors can be custom built to your specific size requirements. We can also offer multi-pane configurations, which can include 2, 3 or 4 panel options. Typically, sliding doors open from the side; however, if you opt for more than one panel, we can install a centre slide opening. You have the freedom to create the perfect design for you.

3 - Highly Secure

Here at Arena, we consider your security to be one of our top priorities. That is why we have chosen uPVC patio doors that feature reliable, multipoint locking as standard. Further to this, the frame is fully welded and steel reinforced. This helps ensure that the door can withstand attempts from would-be intruders to force it open. Our uPVC patio doors are also fitted with anti-lift devices as standard. This ensures that the panels can’t be removed from the track as a way of gaining access to your home. Similarly, the panes are internally glazed, meaning the glass can’t be removed from outside of the home. You can sleep soundly, knowing that your valuables and loved ones are protected.

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