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Our uPVC stable doors are the ideal choice if you are looking to add classic, country charm to your property. The iconic half panel design means that you can open the top and bottom sections independently.

With uPVC stable doors, you can enjoy superior practicality. You can open the top panel to allow fresh air into your home, while keeping the bottom half closed. This means that children and pets are kept safely inside your property.

Stable Doors Inverness

Choice Of Glazing

If you are looking for a front or back door that lets more light into your home, choose one of our glazed designs. You can choose double or triple glazing. We even offer a variety of decorative glass options.

Matching Sidelights

Create an even more impressive entrance by combining one of our uPVC stable doors with matching sidelights. We can offer single or double sidelights in full pane or half pane options.

Impressive Finishes

To make sure we offer uPVC stable doors for every taste, we have a wide variety of colours for you to choose from. On top of the standard shades, we can also spray paint the doors in any RAL colour.

Our uPVC stable doors are supplied by market leading fabricators. This means that they are created using the highest quality materials, modern technology and cutting-edge techniques. You can trust that these doors offer fantastic performance.

These uPVC stable doors boast highly durable hardware. This means that the doors will continue to operate smoothly and reliably for many years. The performance won’t rapidly worsen over time or when the door is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

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We know that modern life can be busy, leaving you with little spare time to enjoy. That is why our uPVC stable doors are low maintenance, meaning there’s no need for time consuming chores. The coloured coating won’t chip or flake, so there’s no need to repaint the frames.

The resilience of these uPVC stable doors means that they won’t bow, warp or swell in extreme weather conditions. This ensures that the two panels will continue to fit together perfectly, rather than sticking. You won’t have to sand the panels to keep them working smoothly.

Stable Doors Inverness

Low Maintenance

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1 - Thermally Efficient

Our uPVC stable doors are incredibly thermally efficient. They feature many effective elements, such as a multi-chambered frame, insulating core and the choice of 28mm or 44mm panels. These work together to keep more warmth inside your home. Due to this intelligent design, these doors boast an A energy rating as standard.By installing one of our uPVC stable doors, your home could stay warmer without as much reliance on your central heating. This means you may use your central heating system less often, which could lower your energy bills. Using your heating less often can also reduce your carbon footprint, placing less strain on the environment.

2 - Highly Secure

We consider our customers’ security to be a top priority. That is why our uPVC stable doors boast some of the most effective security features on the market. We fit each door with reliable multipoint locking systems as standard. For even better security, you can opt for a hook lock option that supports the primary mechanism.Our uPVC stable doors are also created using the best quality materials. This high standard means that they are incredibly robust and capable of withstanding attempts to force them open. If you choose a door design featuring glass, the panels will also be internally glazed. This technique stops the glass panes being removed from outside the home.

3 - Professional Installation

Even our market leading uPVC stable doors can’t perform at their best if they are fitted incorrectly. A perfect fit is needed to ensure the best possible thermal efficiency, noise insulation and weatherproofing. Luckily, you are in safe hands with our skilled team. Our installers have years of experience fitting all manner of home improvements.Not only will our team ensure the best performance possible, but they will also work in a friendly, efficient manner. They will install your new uPVC stable door quickly, meaning you can enjoy its style and practicality sooner. Further to this, our team will cause minimal disruption to your day to day life, so you can simply sit back and relax.

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